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Is AdultFriendFinder scam?

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AdultFriendFinder is by far the biggest dating site for serious erotic sex dates with 34 millions members worldwide and 3 million just in the UK. Its sex ratio of 81% males compared to 19% females seems quite catastrophic at first. However, only paid subscribers can flirt actively and there are hardly any male paying members. So what first seemed detrimental, appears to be quite an advantage! ;)

AdultFriendFinder is no scam but business

AdultFriendFinder is a business site as any other serious dating site but it’s no scam! It has one of the most extensive advertising programs on the Internet. One of their online advertising features is pictures of attractive women supposedly living locally to the website user. Some of these pictures are legitimate while others are dummies.

After having registered, you’re not matched automatically but you’ll have to look for partners yourself or you’re contacted by others interested in you. Most AdultFriendFinder members complain about fake emails. This is annoying but unfortunately common practice.

Our suggestions if you think AdultFriendFinder is a scam:

Try it out! Register for free, browse through the site, respond to requests of premium members and see what happens. Knowing that you’ll also receive fake emails and that not all of the pictures you’ll be confronted with are of real AFF members, will raise your awareness and help you find what you’re looking for.

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