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"It has one of the nicest webdesigns we've seen in the cougar dating category."
Henning Wiechers
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It cannot be argued that there are not enough niche dating sites, especially when it comes to cougar dating. is of many cougar dating sites which fill a gap in the market. From the get-go, it is clear to see that this is a site that caters to singles who know exactly what they want.

There are no false pretences here: in its 16-year long run, ToyBoy has brought together older women seeking younger men, and vice versa.
There are actually several localised versions of the USA, the UK, Australia, South Africa, Canada and Ireland. That’s almost the entire English-speaking world. There do appear to be around around 1,000 people in total who are active worldwide, though this may be more promising depend on your local area.

Experience with

ToyBoy is clearly a site devoted to women with experience who are on the lookout for a man a few years their junior. As a result, users are presented with a classy and sleek design when they first stumble upon it. Users are also presented with a display of profile pictures from current and active members. The sign up process for ToyBoy is quite easy. All you need to do is provide the usual information such as your first name, email address, date of birth and more. You can also choose your own password.

While there is a large database on ToyBoy, a significant number of the profiles do not have pictures. This is unfortunate, although it may still be possible to find someone there regardless.

What ToyBoy Offers Singles

The features on are extensive. Sending and receiving mails can be done, as well as being able to create a large and detailed profile. There are also extensive resources that members can use if they happen to have any questions regarding the site. For anyone who needs to speak to an expert, there is also a customer service section. You can either send them a message or even phone them. All you need to do is click on ‘Contact Customer Support’.

Searches and finding the right matches on ToyBoy will depend on what sort of preferences you set into your profile. Make sure to be accurate about what you are looking for. Virtual gifts and other extras, such as personality tests, can be purchased by users. Premium Version

Although joining up is free, for the full experience, an upgraded account is going to be needed. ToyBoy charges its members on a subscription basis. All of the aforementioned ‘extras’ that can be purchased on the site are done through the use of credits. - Costs:

  • You can create a profile for free.
  • Full membership starts at £19.95/month.

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