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Disabled Dating Sites in the UK

Disabled and looking for singles or friends in a similar situation? Looking to meet people for new experiences?

After reviewing the disabled dating market, we present you with the best disabled dating sites in the UK.

Updated : 01/2024

Disabled Dating Sites

The best disabled dating sites in the UK

Disabled singles dating - friendship and love!


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A disabled dating site for disabled singles to find love


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Meet Deaf Men & Women For Friendship, Love, & Romance!


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No Limits For Love


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Meet Singles with AS at Aspergers Dating Site!


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All About Our UK Disabled Dating Category for 2024

Having a disability shouldn’t stop you from dating! However, there are many singles who feel like that part of their lives is over should they ever incur a disability of some kind. This doesn’t have to be the case, and the UK itself has a number of quality dating sites that focus on disabled singles. Many of these belong to much larger sites which have bigger data banks.

Disable dating sites are not only focused on those looking for love… Some operate a lot like social networks, where people can come together in order to discuss various topics such as their disability and how it affects them. Sometimes it’s good to just to speak to or get to know someone who knows what you are going through!

Disabled Dating Sites: What Features Make them Different?

In reality, many disabled dating sites have very little differences to other types. Some may have similar matching algorithms, but what they all have in common is that singles will list what sort of disability they have. This adds an extra dimension to the dating profiles that you find here, which is great for singles who need a point to start a conversation!

We hope that everyone has the best of luck in their search for companionship in 2024!

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