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Gay Dating Sites in the UK

The gay scene started using the Internet for dating much sooner than heterosexuals.

There are a lot of gay dating sites, too many to list all of them. Here we have limited ourselves to the real 'dating portals' where you can arrange dates.

Updated : 01/2024

Gay Dating Sites

The best dating sites for gays and lesbians

Serious gay dating


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Lesbian dating and singles


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Find Romance with Local Singles at Local Lesbians United Kingdom


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Real Men. Real Life. Real Fun.


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All About Our "Gay and Lesbian Dating Category 2024"

The gay scene has certainly changed in the last few years, with many of what were once gay bars now being replaced with dating apps and sites. A lot of bars in place like London end have ended up suffering because dates can simply be organised online. What is good to remember, however, is that online dating was very much pioneered by the LGBT scene in the first place!

For years we’ve been testing a wide range of online dating sites, among them many gay and lesbian oriented dating sites. In fact, there were far too many to put into our list here. We have therefore decded to use only the biggest and the best in order to help you get to improve your chances of hooking up or finding the perfect date!

Due to the gay dating scene being a lot smaller, it is important to remember that the number of members on a dating site will depend on where you live. One of the great things about sites like Gaydar is that, in a lot of cases, you can easily search the amount of people in your area. This also makes it easier if you are travelling somewhere else and want a quick meetup!

Gay-Dating Goes Mobile

The gay scene is always keeping up with the trends and mobile dating is naturally the next step in the progression.

In mid-2009 a large amount of the LGBT community were using gay dating apps such as Grindr. Today...

...over 60% have access to gay dating apps.

This number has not decreased and, in fact, a large number of the heterosexual dating community are also using them.

If you have any suggestions, or feel that there are more gay and lesbian dating sites to add to our list, feel free to email us at: [email protected].

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