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Indian Dating Sites Reviews

With over 30 million Indian men and women outside India and 1 million in the UK, the demand for Indian dating sites has grown significantly.

We've tested the most credible sites in this category and reviewed them to avoid you having to spend hours going through all of them.

Updated : 01/2024

Indian Dating Sites

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About our Indian Dating Category for the UK in 2024

The UK’s Indian community numbers at around 1.4 million… and as such this is a big number when it comes to the online dating world as well! There are many Indian singles who are out there on the search for love, many of whom would like to meet someone within similar cultural and religious backgrounds to themselves. For this reason, a variety of Indian dating sites and apps have begun to flourish in order to accommodate the demand.

One thing to note: Indian dating sites tend to be a lot more focused on matchmaking and pairing people up for marriage, as per tradition. is probably the best example in this case. However, there are a few sites such as IndianCupid which operate more like online dating personals rather dating agencies.

Culture and Religion in Indian Dating

India is a vast country with countless languages, religions and cultural traditions. Singles who are a lot more traditionalist may end up looking for something specific and therefore a lot of dating sites have been tailored to match that night. Muslim, Christian and Hindu singles are all accommodated for in cases like this, so there is an opportunity for everyone.

To all of our Indian singles, we wish you success in your search in 2024!

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