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Where can I find MatchAffinity discounts?

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MatchAffinity is part of the Meetic group that’s been providing a secure and user-friendly dating service to millions of British singles since 1999. In response to customer requests MatchAffinity was developed for singles looking for stable and long-lasting relationships.

Does MatchAffinity offer discounts?

Discounts at MatchAffinity might not be as common as discounts at other dating sites. This is probably based on the fact that MatchAffinity appeals to singles seriously looking for longterm relationships if not even marriage. And those people are usually willing to pay - even if it’s a bit more - and don’t need to be allured with discounts as much.

Is the free MatchAffinity psychometric test a kind of discount?

No. Everyone can take the MatchAffinity psychometric test for free at any time. It’s part of MatchAffinity’s free services. Other free services include your personality report, a personal list of suggested matches as well as your compatibility scores with other members. You can also send a first message to each MatchAffinity member for free. For everything else you have to pay.

However, every now and then MatchAffinity does offer discounts as, for example, 3-day free trials or even whole free trial weekends.

Where do I find MatchAffinity discounts?

If there is a MatchAffinity discount, you just need to look for MatchAffinity discount on Google and you’ll get hundreds of search results. If you’ve chosen one of the search results and click on the “Get the deal” button, you’ll be redirected to the MatchAffinity site. That’s where you actually find the discount.

How to find MatchAffinity discounts: Our tip

Since MatchAffinity usually announces its discounts directly on its site, we suggest you to go directly to MatchAffinity, if you want to know whether there currently is a discount offer. Other sites sometimes offer out-of-date or even fake discounts. If you want to be notified automatically, you register for free and subscribe to their newsletter. This way you’ll be informed as one of the first. ;)

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