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Is there such thing as a MatchAffinity free trial?

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MatchAffinity belongs to the family and was created in 2005. It addresses singles seriously looking for a long-term relationship. While regular dating sites make you trawl through hundreds of profiles each day, MatchAffinity offers a relationship service where compatible matches are suggested to you. That means, a massive part of the selection process is already done and the only thing you need to do is look through the most compatible matches.

Is the MatchAffinity free trial a temporary offer?

There are dating sites and online agencies that offer special free trials, as e.g. a weekend where anyone has free access to the site’s membership base and to the features that can usually only be used by paying members, such as email or chat. MatchAffinity has had some of those free trial weekends. However, the site also offers a free trial available for anyone at any time.

What does the MatchAffinity free trial include?

The MatchAffinity free trial includes several things: First of all, you can take the psychometric affinity test designed to connect members based on their values and views on certain areas, such as love, life, family and money. After having taken this test, you’ll be emailed the results in a personality report. You’ll also receive compatible matches. A nice little extra is the possibility of sending a first message to each paying member for free. The fact that you can’t see any pictures of other members (or only blurred ones) as free trial user, makes the whole free trial thing a bit pointless in the end. After all, looks do play an important role when choosing our partner, don’t they?

Our conclusion regarding the MatchAffinity free trial

Although you might not even be interested in becoming a member of MatchAffinity, taking its affinity test is rather revealing with respect to who you are and what you want. The MatchAffinity free trial also gives you an idea of how the site and the whole system around the affinity test work. But that’s about it. Most of us want to see pictures before contacting anyone and that’s only possible if you’re a paying MatchAffinity member. However, why not take the affinity test, have a look at the profiles of suggested matches and then decide whether you want to subscribe or not?


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