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" has been online since 2002 and was the first to deliver such a concept as matching wealthy singles."
Henning Wiechers
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Dating sites like are geared towards very specific types of singles. A Sugar Daddy is a man (usually older) who spoils his ‘Sugar Baby’, whether it be with gifts, money or even a set allowance. SugarDaddie is therefore...

...a dating site that works as a platform for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies to meet one another.

Founded in 2002, has offices in both Florida, USA, and Kent, UK. SugarDaddie has also been featured on television. It also has around 4,000 singles who login every day and 90,000 members in the UK. This fact alone is quite likely to boost the site’s popularity and therefore make it visible to singles.

SugarDaddie Experience

According to many singles’ experience of SugarDaddie, there are a lot of legitimate users out there on both ends. Some even report that there tend to be more women than men on the site. One particularly useful aspect of SugarDaddie is that every user has to pay in order to get full access...

...and of course this means that there is a much lower chance of you coming across a fake profile. Since everyone has to contribute financially, there will be more serious singles who log on in order to invest in something.

With most dating sites like this one, there is usually a verification system for the Sugar Daddies to ensure that they have the money they say they have. Unfortunately, no such system exists on This means that users will need to be a little more wary when looking for a sugar daddy. Finding local partners can also be a challenge.

SugarDaddie Features and its features are pleasantly easy for singles to use. In some ways, it appears to be a little overly simplistic. There are a lot of the standard features most dating sites offer, such as a favorites list, messaging and chat as well as an indicator to tell you how many people are online at any given time.

SugarDaddie Customer Service

At SugarDaddie there is also a customer service contact point where you can air some of your views, ask questions and even give feedback about the dating site. For further interaction with other users, there is a comment forum that you can use. Singles are also able to join various groups and chat about different topics, so if you are interests in a partner that shares the same interests as you, this would be a good idea. - Costs:

  • Signing up to the site is for free.
  • Full membership on starts from US$24.99/month.

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5 Read Review

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