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Singles holidays tour operators put to the test

The team from Leading Dating Sites has genned up on all around singles holidays. The result was: “singles holidays” is interpreted differently by each person.

That's why we classify here the most interesting singles holidays offers for single travellers, independently of the interpretation we can have about this.

Updated : 09/2021

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A Little More Information About Singles Holidays for 2021!

Singles holidays, contrary to what you might think, are not just focused on singles looking to get away. For many people in the UK, travelling is a great way of meeting new people and going places they might not have gone with if they’d gone with family. Offered by various providers, holidays for singles can focus on a variety of things, such as:

  • Singles tours which are, naturally, tour-like holidays that bring groups of single people together. Often, these people will be in roughly the same age group (with singles holidays for under 30s, over 50s and those in their early 20s).
  • Gay singles holidays more or less the same as any other singles holidays, except with a focus on same-sex individuals who may be looking to meet someone.
  • General purpose occasionally, people just want to travel somewhere but simply don’t know where to go, or who to go with. Perhaps no one is available so travelling with a group of other people is also a good idea.

Singles Cruises for All Ages

Cruises can be a little different to normal singles holidays. For travellers who are not particularly into active holidays, a cruise is an excellent way to relax. And of course, those focused on single people will widen your opportunities for meeting new people. Singles cruises are also aimed at varying age groups for people over 50, over 40 and over 30 respectively. Sometimes there is a mix, though this depends on the singles cruise package you choose!

Whether you’re looking for a quick getaway or a fun way to meet new people for possible romance, we wish you the best of luck!

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