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Best social network sites for singles

Social networking is undoubtedly a staple reality of today. Singles can now benefit from these social networking dating possibilities.

Some of the sites we tested have actually mutated into dating sites over time.

Updated : 01/2024

Social Network Sites

The best social network sites for singles

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Background to our Test Category "Social Networks in the UK 2024"

Online social communities are nothing new, even in the ancient days of the Internet people joined online groups in order to discuss various topics. Social networking in general has come a long way since then, especially when you consider the vast industry that social media has developed into. Naturally, singles are also starting to benefit from this.

Since the successes of MySpace, Facebook and YouTube, ‘social dating’ has become something of an accepted form of online dating (Badoo being a good example). What does it mean exactly? Similar to mobile dating, social dating refers to the kind of romantic contact that singles make over a social networking site.

Why is Social Dating so Successful?

Social dating’s success can be seen to stem from the fact that there is a wide, varied mix of people on social networking sites. This means that there is of course a lot more to these sites than just dating: you can also find people to simply hang out with. A lot of the time, it can also be about expanding your circle of friends.

When it comes to discussions about social dating, a bit of caution would also be advised. Facebook has a great feature which allows people to automatically sign up and login to various sites, including many dating sites and apps. Tinder is one such example. However, consider this: whatever information you have on Facebook will also be copied onto these sites. If you are not careful, you could end up sharing more on a specific site than you intended.

Further Information on Social Dating

For those who are still unsure, we have explained the difference between ordinary dating sites (such as flirt and chat sites or online dating agencies) and social dating sites. We’ve also got a few good tips that you can use to pimp your Facebook profile, if you wish to use it!

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